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Why do people think making music is hard?

Make Great Sounding Music with Drag-And-Drop Ideas Made By TOP Composers, EASILY!

Made By Certified 📀 Award-Winning Producers  • Trusted By VIPs




Do YOU believe these misconceptions?

Do you experience the following when you think about making music:


😢 You don’t know where to start

😢 Everything about music seems difficult

😢 Composing good music feels impossible


The solution to these common problems is NOT about:


❌ Music Schools

❌ Difficult Software

❌ Who You Know in the Industry


The solution is about MAKING WRITING MUSIC EASY!

That’s why we created…

ALL MIDI Bundle 2.0

It’s the World First MIDI Pack made by professional and awarded producers, that makes writing GREAT music as EASY as drag-and-drop a file.


With ALL MIDI Bundle 2.0, you will:


✅ Connect with your inner Genius

Impress Your Family and Friends

Make Great Music While Having Fun


Our team of producers made tracks that reached these results:


💿 Awarded with 1 Platinum Record

📀📀 Awarded with 2 Gold Records

🟢 Spotify Global Viral 50

🕑 250,000+ viral TikToks

🙌 70+ Million Plays


Now, you can access the same quality of music that created those results!

What are PRO Music Producers saying?

"We use Soundmasters a lot! Well made and EASY to use.
Real must-have for every producer."

Spinnin Records

"Mind-blowing! These MIDI Files can turn you from Beginner to PRO.
Incredible work!"

Dat Boi Dee
Multi-Platinum Trap Producer

"This pack is DOPE!!!
Thanks Mark! 🔥 "

Spinnin Records

Hear Some MIDI Files Below…​






Making music is EASY Now!

1. Select Style

Choose from 5 Music Styles!

Remember: You can use any style in any genre!

2. Choose Key

Drag-And-Drop into your favorite DAWs!

Remember: Our MIDI Files work in ANY software.

3. Drag & Drop!!

Drag… Drop… BOOM!

Already written, great-sounding music!

 ALL MIDI Bundle 2: The World First MIDI Pack Made-By-PROs!

There’s nothing like ALL MIDI Bundle 2 today on the market.

You Also Get 7 FREE EXCLUSIVE Bonuses:

Bonus #1

MIDI Chord Pack 2

Value: $67

This Advanced Chord Pack containg all chords in Minor and Major keys in 4 different styles. Some company charge up to $67 for something like this. We are giving it to you for free.

Bonus #2

POP SONGS Suite 2.0

Value: $67

We transcribed the chord progressions of 120 TOP HITS of this year. Includes: Doja Cat, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth and more…

Drag & Drop PROVEN Chord Progressions and Write YOUR OWN Melodies on top.

Bonus #3

“SKULLS” Drum Kit

Value: $97

Not all drums are created equal. Discover how the right samples will make your tracks reach the Pro-Level. You’ll get 350 Drum Samples in all genres to drag & drop.

The perfect add-on to your new MIDI bundle.

Bonus #4

Emotional Chords

Value: $37

These are highly selected chord progressions that contain chords that will make everyone emotional!

Use with caution!

Bonus #5

Songwriting Chord Progressions

Value: $47

Do you a want simple, clean base for your melody-writing session? Do you want the classic chord progressions used by the TOP songwriters?

This is exactly that.

Discover chord progressions that are so inspiring you will use them for a lifetime.

Bonus #6

MIDI SECRETS Video Mini-Course

Value: $37

Discover how to use your new MIDI Pack to its fullest potential with this mini-course that will explain in detail everything you need to know about our MIDI Pack.


Includes tips and tricks about how to finish music 10X FASTER!

Bonus #7

The 5% Rule E-Book

Value: $27

Have you ever asked yourself how the top songwriters can evoke a feeling of “FAMILIAR BUT NEVER HEARD BEFORE”?


Discover tips & tricks to achieve just that with this e-book included for FREE in ALL MIDI Bundle 2!

Order “ALL MIDI Bundle 2″ for 60% OFF + 7 Bonuses NOW:

 Only $67 $27.


Try It Risk Free | 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

The main pack contains 500 (!!!) unique MIDI Files, transposed in all 12 keys for maximum flexibility, for a total of 6000 MIDI Files.


Each MIDI File is a complete musical idea that has deepness and meaning. They are all completely different.


You’re getting 500 completely unique musical ideas written by professional musicians that do this for a living.


There’s nothing like this on the market today.


This product is one of a kind and the first of its genre.

Yes! This is the beauty of MIDI Files.


You get what we made, but you can customize 100% of it!


You can use them as they are, or use them as starting point!

First of all, our MIDI Pack is simply the biggest there is on the internet, at the moment.


Without considering all the MIDI Files in the bonuses (which are more than 2000 if you include the MIDI Chord Pack), we are looking at 6000 total MIDI Files only in the main pack.


But the most important thing is that, honestly, nobody is getting even close to the quality of music we are giving you in these MIDI Files.


As we already said many times, these are complete musical ideas, not just chord progressions or questionable, boring melodies.


We don’t wanna trick you into buying something that is completely useless, by giving you false promises and using intense marketing tactics.


We are giving you actual good music you can actually use. True value.


Ultimately, we are including FOR FREE 7 bonuses that stand by themselves as premium products.


Needless to say that there was a lot of work going into all these products.


Cherry on top? The price.


This is the lowest possible price we could ever think of selling this and that’s because we want everyone to have it!



If you have just started your journey in Music Production, these MIDI Files will be the biggest tool you can use to improve at the speed of light. Guaranteed.

In our opinion, absolutely yes!


Even if you are a professional composer or accomplished music producer, you’re still a human being.


And human beings aren’t always inspired or in the mood of making music, and MIDI Files can help a lot with that.


And even if you’re inspired 100% of the time, you can still gain tremendous value by scrolling through these deep, meaningful, well written MIDI files.

You can steal some elements or use them as they are, it’s up to you.

Yes! You don’t owe us anything after your purchase. Just enjoy your new injection of Professionally made MIDI files.

Of course. Our MIDI Files will work in ANY DAW because all of theme use the standard of MIDI files.

Yes. In the unlikely scenario where you, for any reason, are not 100% satisfied with this product, we will refund your money. No problem! 🙂

While the File Type we offer is the same, ALL MIDI Bundle 2 is completely different in the content.

We offer you COMPLETE – MUSICAL – IDEAS that have a soul, depth and emotion you simply cannot find in our competitors.

Each MIDI File we give you is made with care and composed note by note, just how actual Music Producers do.

And our MIDI Files are 100% made by certified Award-Winning Music Producers.

That’s what makes us the best.

Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll love ALL MIDI Bundle 2 that you can try it as long as you want. If you’re not happy with the results, just email [email protected] and get 100% of your money back – No questions asked.

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