How does it feel to experience an amazing drop? Awesome, right?

You can recreate those amazing feelings with this soundbank and the Drops series brought to you by Maarko and SoundMasters!

You don’t need a lot of sounds, you need the right ones.

In this soundbank you will find:

7 Drops (percussive sounds)
6 Powersaw Drops
3 Basses
2 Leads
3 Plucks
In the Drops for Massive package you will also find an infos .txt file that will tell you which reverb and which preset was used in the audio demo!

(sounds come with Massive’s reverb mapped and assigned to a macro for an easy on/off.
But you will not get that ‘BIG ROOM’ sound out of the reverb inside Massive. So we will tell you which reverb you should use to achieve the desired effect.)

Just listen to the demo and decide by yourself. Only high quality sounds you can actually use in your own productions!

Trust your ears. You will not find these sounds anywhere else!


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