OVO Complete Production Package



How does it feel when your emotions flow freely?

You already know that the most important things for an OVO beat are the quality of the samples and the minimal, perfect melodies.

So you’re looking for inspiration, tools that will give you the ability to transfer your emotions to the music, something that will spark your heart up…

…something that allow you to flow without blocks.

This is for the producers that can hear the difference between good beats and great music.

Take a look inside OVO Complete Production Package:

100 Massive Patches   Listen To A Demo   (go to 8:25 to listen to 808 kicks made inside of Massive – they are better than samples because you can use them like an instrument and play notes without stretching a sample)

100 Serum Patches   Listen To A Demo 

100 Kicks 808   Listen To A Demo  

100 Snares & Claps   Listen To A Demo 

100 Inspiration Loops   Listen To A Demo

100 Piano Chords and Loops   Listen To A Demo   These piano samples are composed by a classically trained musician so every note is placed perfectly. You can definitely hear the difference. The samples are then treated with the same techniques Noah “40” Shebib (Drake’s producer) uses (as he explaines here). They are downsampled to the point they lose all the high-end frequencies. On top of that, they use the best soul harmonic progressions. 

100 Extra Samples – Cymbals, percussions, vocal shouts, foleys. Recorded with an Aston Spirit and processed with the best gears to give you an unique sound

12 Ableton Live 9 Templates – You can use these templates to kickstart your own beat with just a couple clicks. These are already mixed and mastered, add your notes, switch the samples and create your own musical piece.

Total files: 911 | Total size: 1.05 GB

The first and second tracks in the demo are made after Pop Style by Drake, Kanye West & Jay-Z, and HYFR feat. Lil Wayne.

All the other beats are original and are free for you to modify, explore or use like that straight away.

No external samples were ever used. Every sound you hear in the demo is in the package.

OVO CPP will save you 1000+ hours off the learning curve, so you can just flow and create.

OVO CPP is designed to push you to unleash your true potential.


“As a newbie to music production, it really brought out some of best in myself. If there’s one part that I really enjoyed the most about this pack were the inspiration loops that were included. They really caught my ears once I heard them and I got straight to work. I made 4 new songs in one session which is most I’ve ever made in one sitting.”

Michel Rodriguez

“A great selection of samples from every 808 bass you would ever need, jazzy and mournful piano chords and tastefully played loops, moody synths and processed claps that really nail the OVO sound” 

Alex Cummings, professional sound designer



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