Emotional Keys



Take your music on a dark emotional journey with the ‘Emotional Keys’ MIDI Pack.

This pack gives you 25 minor key song sketches, 25 moody chord progressions and 17 melancholic melodies to tap into your emotional side.

This pack is perfect for any producer looking to craft emotionally charged music.

With over 67 MIDI files containing haunting piano, synth and string parts in a minor key, you have all the ingredients to compose a moving piece.

The song starters hook you up with a song sketch.

The progressions have the harmony to get you going.

The melodies lay down solos and riffs that just bleed angst.

Twist the sounds, mess with the tempo, do your thing.

These ideas get you in the mood to take your fans to a bleak place.

Welcome to the dark side of music, population: you.

All MIDI files are professionally composed and compatible with any DAW.

Emotional Keys taps into the darker side of music to fuel your creativity. Use these ideas as a starting point to take your listeners on an emotive musical journey.

Compatibility: Any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
Format: MIDI
Tempo: Various BPMs but can be adjusted.


  • 25 Songstarters
  • 25 Melancholic Chord Progressions
  • 17 Haunting Melodies


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