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Future Bass sounds finally REVEALED

The mysterious “powersaw chord” sound typical of this genre is now unlocked.

These sounds are all made after the chart-topping-Flume-inspired style of Future Bass.

No filler, no gimmicks, just the best quality sounds you can get.

Most of the sounds are conceived to be used in chords of 4 or more notes, but they sound epic as single-note leads, too.

You will find 52 Massive sounds, focusing on polyphonic timbres.

Get ready to embark on a journey of sounds, so professional, they will DROP you out of college INSTANTLY.

You just WON’T find these sounds anywhere else on the market. Some products give you WAV samples, but they keep the original patches (you cannot change the chords).

Instead, we’re going all out giving you 52 original patches, so you can write YOUR OWN music with them.

Trust your ears and gain an edge on the competition.

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