House Pulse




Yo, listen up! We’ve got something pretty dope to share with you.

It’s called “House Pulse” and no, it’s not another over-hyped piece of garbage.

It’s a legit MIDI pack that’s perfect for those times when your creative juices have turned into a sad, uninspired puddle.

So, what’s in this bad boy?

Well, it’s got 25 bangin’ Songstarter MIDI files, 9 sick melodies, and 25 juicy chord progressions that’ll make you feel like Mozart on steroids.

No joke, these files are so smooth and professional, even the biggest snobs in the industry would nod in approval.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another overpriced pack.”

But, dude, this one’s actually a steal.

It’s just 20 euros! That’s cheaper than a couple of fancy lattes, and trust me, this pack packs way more punch than caffeine.

Remember, this ain’t your typical corporate crap.

It’s a top-notch tool for a quick boost of inspiration when you need it the most. But hey, don’t take my word for it, grab “House Pulse” now and see for yourself.

And if you don’t like it, well, you can always go back to scrolling through your endless sample library, hoping to find that one elusive, perfect sound. Good luck with that, amigo!

​​Compatibility: Any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).
Format: MIDI
Tempo: Various BPMs but can be adjusted.


  • 25 Songstarters
  • 25 Chord Progressions
  • 9 Melodies



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