WOW! Sounds

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Why is it that choosing sounds can be fun, but also a time consuming, non-productive, un-inspiring activity?

I don’t know… but wouldn’t it be nice if someone sent you SELECTED sounds directly to you – everyday?

I think it would be awesome, so I created “WOW! Sounds”. You’re welcome!

WOW! Sounds is a bot built for Telegram, which sends you one selected, inspiring sound every day!

It’s the first time in history that are sounds coming to you, instead of you going looking for them.

Who knows what unrelated activity are you doing when the sound arrives?

Maybe you’re painting your ceiling, or doing grocery shopping. Or maybe you’re sleeping.

What I know is that the contrast between the unrelated activity and the sound you receive can spark you unexpected ideas!

That’s the idea behind “WOW! Sounds”.

Every sound is sent in WAV format. It usually includes the Serum patch of the sound as well, so you can tweak it to your likings.

But sometimes it will be a nice MIDI harmony, or a catchy melody. Or a complete loop.

SUPRISE! It can be anything! Every time it’s a surprise. Fun, isn’t it?

So let’s see where this takes us. Try “WOW! Sounds” bot today, it’s FREE for the first 7 DAYS!


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